Valentine’s Day Surprise

Life has finally slowed down.  I’ve truly been enjoying this new year!  I’ve been embracing my love for cooking and have been trying new recipes pretty often.  By following my instincts, my blog leads back to my passion for food.  And with cooking again, it reminds me of my roots from Hawai’i and also my partial Japanese, French, and Irish ethnic background.

Today is Valentine’s Day and I decided to surprised my boyfriend with a perfect lunch bento.  I hand delivered a Chicken Katsu and Tempura lunch on this warm and sunny day in San Francisco. This meal was comprised of a family recipe for the Tempura Batter.  I remember when my grandmother would make Shrimp Tempura on Sundays for our family dinners.  Today, I didn’t have time to go to the local Nijiya market to buy the necessary ingredients for the tempura and katsu dipping sauce.  Instead, I used the pre-made sauce from the store.  I finished this plate by shaping the rice portion into a heart.  As always, food made with love tastes the best.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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