Saturday’s Sweets

photo 1
A typical breakfast for me

Saturday’s are for donuts.  Meet my new found love for blueberry donuts.  I’ve never heard of these hidden gems but this donut changed my life.  Yes this donut is a big deal.  This means that you can expect me at a local donut shop every Saturday.  I know I said I’m fully committed to the classic chocolate glazed, but I there’s always room for more favorites.  Right?

The donuts featured above are from a hole in the wall in Fremont, CA.  Once I had my first one, I knew I could find more.  A few weeks ago, I tried Berkeley’s Dream Fluff Donuts.  I ordered a single blueberry donut, which is featured below.  This donut wasn’t as good as the first, but still hit the spot.

photo 2
Dream Fluff Donuts

Now I know that there are tons of fancy donuts out there, but I just love simplicity.  Hence the reason that you’ll never see me order donuts with filling.  When my family came to visit, I knew there was one place they needed to try.  The Fillmore Bakeshop, located on the corner of Fillmore and Bush, has some of the best pastries.  My favorite piece from there are the Cronuts!  One is filled with strawberries and custard and the other is simply dipped in cinnamon and sugar.  Although we waited a few minutes, these came out hot and fresh.  It is by far worth the wait.

Fillmore Bakeshop Cronuts


Your Honolulu Sweetheart




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