Florida Days

photo 3
Enjoying tea in the morning

It’s been a month since I visited Florida.  I had an amazing experience in this getaway for the East coast.  San Francisco had been so cold at the time with an average of 55 degrees with rain pouring down every day.  My love and I took a flight out of San Francisco Airport and made our way to Tampa, Florida.  Once we arrived, we hopped into the car and went to the beach.

photo 4
Shell Findings from Honeymoon Island, Florida

Our first stop was Honeymoon Island, a state park, between Dunedin and Palm Harbor.  It was sunny and that’s all I needed.  As I stepped toward the beach, my eyes were drawn to the broken shells across the sand.  As I got closer to the shoreline, the shells were no longer broken, but instead perfect.  These shells were found all across the beach.  I’ve never seen so many shells of every color and size lying on the shore like I did that day.  I can’t wait to go back.

photo 1-1
Soft Serve Ice Cream

Of course, I always have to have my sweets.  We found a local diner on the side of the road near Honeymoon Island and stopped for soft-serve ice cream.  When you’ve spent the day in the sun, ice cream tastes even better.  I loved the swirls of this soft-serve cone.

photo 5
Refreshing drinks at Busch Gardens

If you haven’t realized by now, I love food.  I love sweets, savory, and everything in between.  Other than my obsession with donuts, I also have a thing for ICEE’s or frozen drinks.  On the second day, we went to Busch Gardens, and found these ice cold slushes.

photo 2
El Cap Restaurant Cheeseburger

Throughout the week, I spent my mornings sleeping in and the afternoons exploring Tampa.  It was a much needed break from the city.  On our list of must-do’s is eat a burger from El Cap in St. Petersburg.  They’ve perfected the homemade patty with simple and delicious ingredients.  I loved spending time in Florida, but my heart belongs close to the Pacific.


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