Saturday Farmer’s Market

photo 4
Tulips at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market, San Francisco

It’s spring and the endless buckets of tulips are gorgeous at the Ferry Building farmer’s market.  They truly brighten the day.   I just love buying my groceries from these vendors– don’t forget your reusable bag!  Although most of the groceries are relatively expensive, there are a few things that I can’t pass up.  My spring favorites are fresh heads of romaine lettuce for $2 and the sweet and crispy Asian pears for $3.    After I pick up my groceries, I’m ready for lunch.  Usually what sounds best is a Gott’s Roadside burger and milkshake.  But this time I tried something new.  I found myself standing in what seemed like the longest line (after the women’s bathroom).  Roli Roti, located on the east side of the Ferry Building, had cooked up a scent that made my mouth water.  I was nearly drooling as I watched their meat cook while the juice drips onto their roasted potatoes.  For $9.50, I had plenty enough food that really filled my stomach with happiness.  The boneless pork roast sandwich is really fatty but so juicy and tender.  I recommend that the sandwich is shared between two people.  The line moved quickly and to say the least, it was well worth the wait.

photo 1
Roli Roti, Ferry Building Farmer’s Market
photo 2
Boneless Pork roasting over potatoes, Roli Roti
photo 3
Porchetta Sandwich, Roli Roti

I also decided to try the Drinkwell Softers lemon flavored sparkling water.  I was enticed by the cute bottle but not as thrilled about the taste.  I am not a fan of carbonated drinks so it wasn’t a surprise that I didn’t fall in love.  Regardless it was very refreshing on this warm day.

photo 5
Asian Pear and Eatwell Softers, Ferry Building Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market on Saturday’s exemplifies the beautiful community that San Francisco shares.  Although I was not born and raised here, I love that locals and tourists alike share this occasion.


Your Honolulu Sweetheart


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