Today is my sisters birthday!  She goes to school in Los Angeles and drove up this weekend for her spring break.  It’s been raining and overcast almost every day but once my sister arrived this morning, the sun was shining.

First things first.  I took her to Stacks in Hayes Valley for brunch.  I should mention that I absolutely love Stacks.  We ordered a full stack of banana and coconut pancakes, a vegetarian fritatta, and  mimosas all around.  I was blown away.  The pancakes were perfectly filled with slices of coconut and chucks of banana. I always get the biscuits and gravy but it’s a weekend special. Stacks never disappoints.

Neither does Chantal Guillon. It happens to be a short block away in this neighborhood. They have a handful of Macaron flavors that blow your mind. My favorite has always been Green Tea. Because it was my sisters birthday sweets, I let her choose the flavors. From Jasmin Green Tea to the special Baileys & chocolate for St Patty’s Day, we enjoyed every last bite. Me and my sister are very close so it is no surprise that we shared each of them. How? We used the technique with one sister biting one half and leaving the other half for the other. Throughout the day, at each stop we made, we took a second to enjoy another macaron.

St. Patty Macarons
Green Tea Macarons at Chantal Guillon
Boxed Macarons

Regardless Hayes Valley is packed with great food! Other than brunch and macaroons, there’s also the Biergarten, Smitten’s Ice Cream, Flippers Burgers, and so much more.

After our time spent well in Hayes Valley, I took my sister and her roommates to different spots around the city. The first was Alamo Square to see the Painted Ladies. Then we made our way to the Presidio to find the home that was used for Princess Diaries. Since we were in the area, we went to the Palace of Fine Arts. Although I do not go there often, I forget how beautiful and tranquil it is to find a seat on the bench and enjoy this area. We finished the day by visiting the Golden Gate Bridge. What a beautiful day!

alamo square
Painted Ladies at Alamo Square
Palace of Fine Arts
Princess Diaries Set, 2601 Lyon St. San Francisco
Cherry Blossoms near the Presidio
The Golden Gate Bridge


Your Honolulu Sweetheart


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