The Bay


Driving into San Francisco gives me the chills.  Not only because it’s probably cold outside but also because this city has done me well.

They say that people leave their hearts in San Francisco.  I certainly didn’t think that it could be true until I embraced this playful city three years ago.  I’ve spent my days trying my best to understand each district and what it has to offer.  There is so much that I haven’t seen in this 7×7 mile city.  The amount of beauty that you find over the hills of San Francisco is unlike any other.

Today I drove over the new Bay Bridge.  It feels so different going over this modern day structure.  Looking to my left, I can see the remains of the decommissioned bridge.  I am not sure what they’re going to do with it since it carries such a heavy history with the earthquakes in the Bay Area.

I’ve been to many places in California, but there’s no place like my home in San Francisco.


Your Honolulu Sweetheart


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